Longview Global Advisors is led by DJ Peterson—a political scientist with over 28 years of experience in social science research, public policy, business consulting, strategy, and communications.

Longview has the power to draw on an expert network of over 800 country, issue, functional, and sector experts located in over 80 countries around the world. Some of our lead experts are featured below.

DJ Peterson

Demosthenes James (commonly referred to as DJ) Peterson manages the business. He has 28 years of research and consulting experience focusing on politics, economics, business, technology, and society. Prior to founding Longview Global Advisors in 2013, he held senior positions at Eurasia Group and The RAND Corporation. DJ earned his PhD in Political Science from UCLA. He is based in Los Angeles.

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Anny Wong

Anny has 20 years of experience in research and consulting across three specialities: Japan and Southeast Asia; science, technology, and national competitiveness; and human capital management. Her clients have included the US Army, the National Intelligence Council, the governments of Japan, Korea, and China, Freedom House, and the World Bank. In addition to her work with Longview Global Advisors, Anny is a research fellow with Southern Methodist University and an adjunct political scientist with The RAND Corporation. Anny received her PhD from the University of Hawaii in 1999 and she presently is based in Northern Virginia.

Nathaniel Parish Flannery

Nathaniel is a political risk analyst with more than a decade of experience covering security, political, and economic issues in Latin America. He is the founder of Latin American LENS, a boutique political risk consultancy based in Mexico City. He has a Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and he has worked on consulting projects for a number of top think tanks, universities, foundations, and investment banks. He appears frequently in Fortune, Foreign Affairs, Forbes, and the World Politics Review and he has authored a book on Mexico's economy to be published in 2018.

Quentin Cayrol

Quentin Cayrol is the founder of K-Roll Consulting which specializes in strategy as it relates to growth strategies, new market entry, international footprint, and global risk advisory. Key to this work is  translating global trends into strategic and operational implications for businesses. Quentin holds two Masters in Management degrees from French and Chinese universities. He is based in New York.

Our expert network

Longview Global Advisors' expert network of country, issue, functional, and sector experts helps our clients cover more territory and issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our clients value our objective, outside perspective that helps them think, talk, and write about the world, not just their business.

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