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Business leaders rely on our executive briefs—on countries, issues, meetings, and people—for a relevant point-of-view.

With decades of experience, we have perfected the art of the executive brief. We provide context and "connect the dots" between politics, social and economic trends, and their business implications. Our style is forward-looking and we offer frameworks for understanding a complex and dynamic world.

Country and Meeting Briefs

Executives travel with a briefing book at hand, but typically it contains information compiled by regional teams about the company in the country.

Longview Global Advisors clients receive bespoke briefs tailored to the market, the issues of importance to the executive and the enterprise.  With this objective context, executives can talk about the world, not just the business.

We also provide briefs on VIPs and meetings so business leaders can connect with and talk about their stakeholders' interests, not just their own.

Read our brief for a CEO who traveled to Kenya for the first time and met with the country's president.

Our approach

Longview Global Advisors clients receive briefs that are written for them. We know our clients' travels, meeting schedules, interests, and briefing style, so we can tailor our content for brevity and relevance.  Knowing our client, we can provide updates from their last visit and draw comparisons to other places they have been. For local intelligence, we rely on our in-country network and such briefs can be produced with as little as three days of lead time.





Market/Issue Intelligence

Thanks to falling oil prices, Russia's economic downturn, and a sharp devaluation of the ruble in 2014, a group of international investors in Russian corporate debt had concerns about the security of their investment what the Russian government might do in the case of a default threat.  They turned to Longview Global Advisors with a set of specific questions.

Read our report to the client.

Our approach

Longview provided its view of Russia’s economic predicament and policy environment in 2015. Then, to assess risk of debt defaults, the  team evaluated what assets Russian policymakers had to address the problem. With this context established, the team then addressed the clients' questions. The time to deliver this report was 10 days, and included an interim briefing and review.


Monthly Global Brief

A large multinational has tasked Longview Global Advisors with producing a monthly round-up of the top markets of interest for the company. The brief is used to assure that managers from around the global have a comprehensive, objective, and third party perspective on the world. The brief is issued prior to senior management meetings so that the group has a common base of information.

Read a sample brief.

Our approach

Longview Global Advisors relies on its network of in-country experts to monitor and report on developments around the world. The Longview team then integrates this intelligence, ranks its importance, and highlights the significance for the client. We believe it's important to take issues off executives' agenda as well as to put them on.