May 5, 2016
We are seeking an expert with a solid understanding of blockchain technology and its potential business, transparency, governance, and workforce implications.
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Longview Global Advisors has built a network of over 100 sector, country, and functional specialists located around the world—from Moscow to Yangon and Vancouver. In addition to providing ground-level business-relevant intelligence and insights, Longview experts assess opportunities and risks and advise on strategy.
If you are interested in joining our network, send us an email with your resume, written work samples, and a cover letter detailing your expertise including:
  • Country or regional knowledge (include local experience)
  • Sectors (e.g. retail, oil & gas, automotive)
  • Issues (e.g. climate, demographics, technology)
  • Functions (e.g. market entry, legal, operations).
Network experts are engaged as needed, on a project basis.