Drawing on our expert network and intelligence, we craft bespoke research and analysis that is used in business strategy, operations, and communications.

As an external resource, we work with our clients to draw out, highlight, and contextualize the rich knowledge that resides in their organization.

Global Capital and Real Estate

Working with the Chief Marketing Officer of CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, Longview Global Advisors researched and produced a series of high-level thought papers for the firm's Capital Markets Group—Leading Global Capital in a Time of Uncertainty— exploring the impact of market volatility and its implications for global real estate investors in 2016. The reports were the centerpiece of a global print, online, and social media campaign highlighting the deep expertise, market and client insights, and connected advantage of the firm.

Brief #1: Volatility—The Near-Term Normal?
(May 2016)

Brief #2: Navigating Structural Change
(June 2016)

Brief #3: Beyond Commercial Real Estate—Megatrends to Watch (June 2016)

Key points from the series...

  • Global market volatility in 2015 and 2016 is due to investors’ concerns about China, oil prices, and geopolitical instability. The volatility has been amplified by the increasing connectedness of global markets.
  • Long-term structural drivers—new sources of capital from Asia, regulatory and tax changes, and shifts in tenant demand—are coloring the real estate cycle and they offer insights to anchor investment strategy in a period of volatility.
  • Three megatrends—demographic change, technology, and globalization—are fundamentally changing real estate. In a volatile world, following where talent is going is one way to make sound long-term real estate investment decisions.

Workplace Trends

Together with CBRE Americas Research, Longview Global Advisors jointly researched and produced a series of high-level reports examining key megatrends shaping the rapidly evolving market for flexible office space in the United States. The reports identify issues to watch and questions to ask for end-users, corporate real estate executives, landlords, and investors.

Issue 1: The Rise of the Shared Workplace in the Sharing Economy (January 2016)

Issue 2: An Occupier Perspective—Why a Shared Workplace May Be Right for You (March 2016)

Issue 3: A Landlord Perspective—Opportunity or Threat? (June 2016)

Key points from the series...

Four megatrends are driving sustainable demand for shared workplaces:

  1. Economic uncertainty
  2. Technology
  3. Urban development
  4. Community-building.

Corporate occupiers and individual end-users should consider three factors when evaluating the suitability of a shared workplace:

  1. Culture and vibe
  2. Campus amenities and programming
  3. Cost and complexity.

Global LGBT Inclusion

Longview Global Advisors collaborated with EY, the global professional services firm, to co-produce a path-breaking practical guide for advancing LGBT diversity and inclusion across global firms. The brief highlights global LGBT status and trends and presents the findings of a round table of diversity leaders from global firms.

From the guide...

Eight ways firms can advance LGBT policy to practice across the global organization:

  1. Conduct an opportunity and risk assessment and identify priorities for action
  2. Set policy globally, calibrate implementation locally
  3. Keep making the business case for diversity
  4. Recruit LGBT advocates and allies at all levels of the organization
  5. Enhance mobility and location options
  6. Create opportunities for reverse mentoring and education of management
  7. Utilize social media and other communications tools locally and globally
  8. Build and unify global LGBT networks.