Business leaders turn to Longview Global Advisors for a relevant view of the world.

We deliver global intelligence, thought leadership, and executive and corporate positioning.

What our clients say

Your [due diligence] report was clear and thorough.—Private equity investor, July 2018

You're the brains!—President, October 2017

Your work is so readable, so digestible, so interesting.—CMO, February 2016

I love the way you think.  Our people just have no idea how to brief someone.  All I got from [my] team was a data dump.  You are always so thoughtful. —Senior partner, September 2015

I find you are the top in terms of usability. You take the extra step and turn it into useful information [so] I can connect the dots better. You put it into context. Very nice job.—CEO, August 2015

Having worked with firms in this field for 20-plus years, I found Longview to be professional, prompt and insightful. They exceeded expectations.—Business executive, April 2015

1. Global Intelligence

Business leaders rely on our executive briefs—on hot topics, countries, conferences, and people. They feel they have the landscape covered when they travel and meet with clients and stakeholders.


2. Thought Leadership

Drawing on our expert network and intelligence, we craft forward-looking views that are used in business strategy, operations, and communications. In a world overflowing with information, we deliver insights that are authoritative and distinctive.


3. Executive Positioning

Business leaders turn to Longview to thoughtfully position them in the marketplace of ideas—so they can talk about the world, not just the business.